Tiago Nascimento

Software Engineer & Game Developer

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Tiago Nascimento is a brazilian student of Computer Science with a special interest in game development and artificial intelligence, areas in which his bachelor thesis is being based.

He was a member of PET Informática UEM for a little bit more than three years, in that time he helped maintain internal systems and develop another integrating most management areas of the group. He also assisted in marketing and recruitment. He presented courses for the academics and professionals of the region in basic programming languages and more advanced topics such as game development engines and frameworks and web development stacks.

He worked for a brief time in a game project for kickstarter that ended up not reaching it goals, but he took it as a great learning experience in remote team working and game development.

He is part of both Hackerspace Maringá and Maringá Game Developers Association, both of which are non-profit organizations focused on bringing knowledge of the hacker and game development cultures, respectively.

English and Portuguese are his primary languages, but he also speaks Esperanto, and is conversational in both Spanish and Japanese.

He is also known for loving Taylor Swift's music.


Eureka Labs

Flutter Developer

PET Informática UEM

Software Engineer

Apotheosis Game Studios Inc.

Game Programmer


State University of Maringá

January 2014 - January 2019

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Some of the topics include: Calculus, Linear Algebra and Discrete Mathematics in mathematics; Electronics, Digital Circuits and Computer Architecture for hardware knowledge; Data Structures and Algorithms for a strong foundation in programming logic, followed by Programming Paradigms, Distributed Systems and Compilers. More advanced topics studied are Probability Theory, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Graphics, Computer Networking, and Theory of Computation.



Developed a vim plugin to add ronfmt to ALE.

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AUR Packages

Maintains a couple of vim plugin packages in AUR.

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Pac-Man Clone

A simple Pac-man clone displayed in the univesity's course showcase day. Developed in Java with the libGDX framework.

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Bomberman Clone

A simple Bomberman clone displayed in the univesity's course showcase day and used as learning material in a libGDX minicourse given in the Informatics Department's yearly event. Developed in Java with the libGDX framework.

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